Scrap fabric & textiles scarf

OK – this is a quick and easy project that will use us all those scraps of fabric, bits and pieces of wool, buttons and I even included some pieces of an old shrunken knit…you can use anything!

I had some ‘Washaway’ backing that I wanted to try (see HERE for a product description) because I was using a lot of fine, transparent, silky fabrics. It makes for a stable base but you have to make sure you wash it thoroughly or you can be left with stiffness in the fabric. (Actually, the next scarf I made I didn’t use it and it turned out just as well…) Experiment…

I set my machine to zig zag, selected some thread that would tone in with the fabric and then just started joining bits of fabric… you can ruche, scrunch, fold, gather and just keep adding bits until it looks right.  Try it on and make sure it long enough and that your interesting bits hang in the right places…

I think it’s wise to stick to a limited colour palette and choose fabrics in similar tonings… can you see there’s a bit of wool in there?  I added the vintage lace and button on one end to weigh it down… you know I haven’t even snipped the threads or hemmed the edges!

Here is lovely Sarah modelling it for us…. think of it as sculpting with fabric – and GO CRAZY!


One comment

  1. Hi Jo!
    I’m Lizzie’s mum and I met you at the ‘bun in the oven’ afternoon tea. When I get home I’ll send you a photo of the ‘tangles’ that I’ve been making – I think you will like them. I love your scrap and fabric scarves and wish I’d had a chance to talk ‘making’ with you last Saturday

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