Bangle Refashion


From this to this –


Ever wondered what to do with those old plastic bangles?


I used 8ply wool and 4mm needles and cast on 46 stitches and knit about 14 rows – you will need to check your tension and see what will work with the bangle you have.


Once you have your ‘band’ of knitting – cast off loosely – and fold it around your bangle and whipstitch in place.


When you have sewn around the top of the bangle – sew up the ends as shown and tie off securely.


Have fun experimenting with different stitches and wools AND you get to use up all those little bits and pieces….you’ll be surprised how toasty these are for cooler days OR use some summery cotton for the warmer ones…. Enjoy!



  1. These bangles are beautiful and earthy, I love wearing my green one. Thanks for tutorial. xx

  2. Love this idea! I was just trying to think of some use for a bunch of 1/4 skeins of yarn I have and here you post this cute idea. Bangles are so ‘in’ right now, too.


  3. Fantastic idea and tute Jo! I was trying to think of quick little things this morning that I could do at craft sessions, and the universe (otherwise known as Jo), has answered. I don’t have any of those old bangles; will have to go op shopping!

  4. I finally made one Jo, and it’s beautiful! I did moss stitch and now I have bought two more bangles to try different stitches with. Thanks for the inspiration (and instructions). x

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