I was Artsy-Fartsy-Mama for four years and have just recently decided to let that website go…. That name was always meant to be a silly, tongue in cheek thing and I think I’m over it now….  Jo So & Sew came to me earlier this year (2009) when I thought I might have to get some business cards for markets etc… I’m Jo, I like to sew, but there’s more to it and that’s the other ‘so’.  It might also refer to the fact that I have a 10 letter Polish surname with z and w in it – and that’s been a bit of a ‘so and so’….  If it’s arty or crafty – I’ve done it, am trying to do it or would like to do it in the future….  I have 2 kids (a pigeon pair), a wonderful husband, a cat and 4 chooks. We live in bayside Melbourne, Australia…



  1. There’s nothing so-so about you love!

  2. Hello Jo,
    My son is a minister here in the USA and one of his parishioners just called me wondering if I had anything to do with Artsy Fartsy Mama because I have ArtsyFahtsyFriends on my business card. It seems she saw a knit bunny somewhere and is trying to find the pattern. She is not on the Internet so I told her I would try looking. The ministers mom would be a real hero if she located the pattern so I am trying every avenue! Sorry to bother you… Mary Gray Whitcomb

  3. Your bunny pattern is very popular on Ravelry. But it keeps linking to your old Artsy Fartsy Mama website. I hope you don’t mind, I left a comment there to tell people it’s here. But if you feel like it, you could update the Ravelry pattern.

  4. The bunny is so cute. Thanks. But what is a chook?

  5. Hi Jo, It was so nice to meet you at Julian Roberts’ workshop last month – trouble was it was such a full on workshop we all had out heads down working and not so much time to introduce ourselves and chat! I loved your dress – thanks for posting about the workshop – I have finally blogged about the workshop and now hope to explore the techniques further. Hope we can keep in touch spasmodically via the internet 🙂

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