something I wrote about creativity…

September 9, 2015

I often think of my creativity as an impatient itch… or an eager puppy jumping around in my head all day demanding my attention. My work keeps her chained up most days. We long to be let off but allow things to get in our way. As Mary Oliver beautifully articulates – you need to be ready… you’ve got to be ready or that spark will pass you by.


That half finished painting sits idle in a back room – physically, and as if there was a back room in my mind… so many messy rooms to get through before I can get there.


My ‘go to’ medium lately – clay – is waiting there for me like a constant, loyal friend – non-judgmental. My fingers find kindness in the malleability. It just accepts whatever comes that day… and yet I am often the one critical of the final ‘product’ instead of just enjoying the process; the meditation, the beauty…


‘Getting inspired’ takes the form of many guises. Spending too long on the internet, trying to be comforted by contemporary writers that say stealing is ok… when really I’d rather be engaged with the windfall on the ground, bark of a tree or patterns of restless clouds.


Some days it’s all I can do to wear something that expresses who I’d like to be; what I’d like to be doing. Somewhere in amongst the ocean of black and grey and neutral a flash of colour presents itself from mismatched socks, textured hose or the glint of a cheeky hued jewel… If I could tattoo the sky, I would…





  1. You’ve always been wonderful with words…don’t worry about those messy rooms, imagine how dreary it would be to live in a soulless, spartan open plan apartment..it wouldn’t be you.

    • Thank you for your kindness and loyalty…. I get a cleaner in for the physical rooms… not sure how to clean up the ones in my head!

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