April 1, 2014

I really wanted to try getting eco prints on calico – so I tried pre soaking in 3 different solutions –

photo 1 (1)

this one in Magic solution – (see India Flint’s Eco-Dyeing book for the recipe….)

photo 2 (1)

This one in vinegar, which helped pick up the metal but not much else..

photo 3 (1)

And this one in MILK – even though the pic is a little pale – you can see it has picked up the eucalyptus leaf print – yay for protein!



  1. I find protein works very well as a mordant on cottons, I always use soya following India’s advice its less smelly and supermarkets own brands are cheaper than cows milk.

    • Thanks… I’ve started to make a protein ‘slurry’ in the freezer as per India’s suggestion – just keep all the stuff that you rinse out of the milk.soy and yoghurt containers – yum!

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