Dyeing in peace…

March 25, 2014
photo (4)

Textures, shapes, colours – all from nature – it is a surprise and a gift every time!

photo 1

Everything about this process is wonderful – the gathering of plant material (the wind was my friend adorning the ground with abundance) Foraging in the laneways of Fitzroy reminded me of my days as a sculpture student at Mildura

photo 2

Stirring over a hot cauldron… reminds me of a past life as a ….

photo 3

I liked what India said about each culture dyeing like they cook…these look yummy…

photo 4

Laying it all out on a blank canvas with reverance – a little bit of planning… but mainly a whole lot of magic..

photo 5

a hand sewn dress in a day ,,,, what a miracle!




  1. love that magic !

  2. love the colours in the first photo and the dress, I so want to learn how to make these dresses, wonderful.

  3. Jo,
    Looks like a magic. Nami has watched it too and loved it. he was very interested about the different stages and the magical outcome. Looks like you had great fun doing it as well… lots of love xxx

  4. Thank you… he will have to see the dress ‘in person’… I thought the eggs Romy’s class made were magic – just beautiful! xx

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