I love kid’s books….

June 9, 2012

I’ve been having such a lovely time lately reading childen’s fiction… something nice about viewing the world from a young person’s perspective… (they say that happens to people my age don’t they???) So… I’ve read “My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece” and “A Monster Calls” (recommended by Kezzita) and both were good but the second one was a highlight with the most amazing illustrations by Jim Kay below…

Judita (no slouch herself! See here…Goodnight Mice) recommended “The Naming of Tishkin Silk” – such a sweet read – and the one of the illustrations from Patrice Barton is at the top… I’m reading “Just a Dog” now – let you know when I’m done…


One comment

  1. You’re the only person i know who operates on a 30 hour day, how else do you find the time. By the way, these look really interesting, when i get a minute i’ll…..

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