muslin and machine embroidery…

March 22, 2012

A bit excited to finally find a sewing machine that would do machine embroidery… one of these is going to an unknown recipient as part of the 4 x 6 exchange at Arthouse Co-op, and one is going to Kim at Witch Mountain, and one went to my daughter for her birthday yesterday and ONE to spare….



  1. Jo, receiving this made my day! It’s gorgeous and I will treasure it… couldn’t have arrived at a better time x

  2. […] Poor in monetary terms but a millionaire in others. Look at the sun on those furry Pasque flowers and the light on those old glass bottles…( see, furry old things can be beautiful!!)   I also returned home to find this beautiful piece of original artwork had arrived by surprise, all the way from Australia. Jo had asked me for some hints on the techniques I use and this was her thank you card. Thank you Jo. […]

  3. Happy Birthday to the most talented and creative woman I have ever known…gee I miss seeing all your arts and crafts. Happy day to you and happy and wonderful year ahead. loads of love,Cath

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