Tutorial – knitted duck for Easter

March 15, 2012

For those of you out there that like a cute and easy knitted project (only TWO squares this time!) – this one is also timely as Easter approaches.
YOU WILL NEED – Small strip of orange felt, 3mm knitting needles, 5 ply wool (the one I used has some angora in it so it has that extra fluffy effect)  This patttern will make you a small sized duck – only 7cm long when complete…so experiment with different ply yarns and needles and as long as the proportions are similar – it will turn out fine. My children had much chunkier ones at their Steiner (Waldorf) kindergarten.

For the head – cast on 8 stitches, Knit 15 rows garter stitch and cast off. For the body – cast on 18 stitches, knit 25 rows garter stitch and cast off.

Starting with the head folded in half – use one of your tail ends of yarn to weave through the sides and pull round in a loop to make a rounded shape at both ends.

Insert a little stuffing, and just close up the bottom of the head with a few regular stitches.

The head should look rounded at each end like this one….

Do the same with each end of the body shape after you have folded it in half…

Bring your stitches in along each side of the bottom of the body – but LEAVE THE MIDDLE OPEN if you would like to add a little surprise (as I’ll show you later…) or seal it up if you are giving it to a smaller child etc…

Attach the head to the body with a few stitches in the same yarn..

Fold the strip of orange felt in half and using a similar coloured thread – sew the beak in place on the head with just a few stitches…

Your duck is complete! AND…. as a special treat for Easter – why not hide a little egg in the opening we left before – chocolate or otherwise!   (don’t forget to put a little stuffing either end to puff up the body…)  As always… please let me know how it goes… and I’d love to see your interpretations of this one! Enjoy!



  1. QUACK! Perfect, Mrs.

    (and I’m lovin’ the dogwood below)…

  2. That is adorable. I know I will make many. I have lost count of how many bunnies I have made and given away. Do you have any patterns like this for a horse? I want a small one like the bunny and duck.

  3. Merci !

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