music…so last year…

January 2, 2012

As an antidote to the Gold FM that is more and more frequently being played in the car when we are all together… I wanted to remind myself and others of the wonderful NEW music that was released last year that I really enjoyed listening to.  Tribute and thanks must go to my dear friend John, who in his 50’s,  is still hot onto any new grooves and is interested in talking about and sharing the latest…

ADALITA – earlier in the year her self titled album got lots of attention and deservedly won an award or two… (NB. don’t lecture your students about how we’re avoiding commercial radio to avoid foul language and then put this one on – ‘language warning’!)
ELBOW – Build a Rocket Boys I liked the last album and I like this one – especially the track With Love… (YouTube link)
BEIRUT – The Rip Tide – reminds me (and what do I know?) of a mix between Sufjan Stevens (concert earlier this year!)  and Jens Lekman. No wonder their Melbourne tour dates are sold out….
GOTYE –  critics and non-critics alike have raved about this one lately – something that the whole family could enjoy – yey!
LANA DEL REY – Nim put me on to Video Games – incredible worldly voice and a great song. Bound to be at the top of JJJ’s Top 100…
JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN – Her album The Deep Field is on frequent rotation on my players at the moment – The Magic is one to listen to… interesting woman (girlfriend of Jeff Buckley at the time of his death….) pic below (as always the chics rule in my book….)


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