November 17, 2011

Talking to my friends at work today, I realise how lucky I am to have had children…. but also I appreciate the beautiful literature that they have  brought into my life…. Finn Family Moomintroll is one of the most wonderful stories with the wackiest characters. I just love it…. and I may never have found it otherwise…

What kids’ books may you never have found without your kids?



  1. Sadly, the kids are way past bedtime stories now, but a few books that we’ll always hang on to are:

    1. The Velveteen Rabbit, beautifully illustrated and very touching
    2. Trubloff – The mouse who wanted to play the Balalaika,- love the
    illos, very unusual style.
    3. Just about all the Dr Seuss books, they flow so well
    4. Struwwelpeter- but not till they were a bit older, who can forget
    Suppen Casper… very much from a different era.
    …there were many more, “Sheepshapes” made me laugh, “Help i’m falling apart” also very funny, and may i end on Han’s favourite…
    “Derek the Dinosaur”, she still calls me that today, ….sigh

  2. might have to check some of dereks books out too- but for us, definately the moomintrolls, the muddle-headed wombat (so endearing and befuddled!), two bears and jo, clementine (for 8 year olds, cos she is one) ….Yikes by Alison lester, and so many more… i loved refininding The tiger who came to tea ( i can just read that over and over and over as i think i want to be sophie cuddling up to that big cat!)* raould dhal- esp, danny the champion of the world, M loved loved loved rereading the little wooden horse, and oscar wildes, the selfish giant,,,,,i returned to milly molly mandy and the wonderful illustrated selection of poetry by hilda boswel, and peg maltby…theres the the country bunny and the little golden shoes, and and and

  3. WARNING: In this day and age Struwwelpeter is wrong on soooo many levels it makes the brothers Grimm look like choirboys.

  4. Just as well I can’t find it anywhere then…. us Steiner folk are very Grimm anyways!

    • I know where to get a copy. In Rosebud at the Book Barn. I saw it there the other week, and nearly bought it but knew my kids would freak out… err do I mean I would freak out?… at the gruesomeness.
      Tove Jansson of the moomin books is one of my greatest heroes. My fave of all the books as a child was ‘The Exploits of Moominpappa’ but the hard back comic book editions of the newspaper strip are now available too, and are truly beautiful. For adults as well as children. I have bought the whole set. Tove Jansson’s short stories for adults are also quiet glorious.

      • I mean quite glorious! But they are also quietly glorious…

  5. My Father’s Dragon series
    Harry Potter series
    A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Pippi Longstocking and Astrid Lindgren’s Lotta series
    Zen Shorts and Zen Ties
    Tenzin’s Deer
    Leo Leonnini books
    Close Your Eyes… the list is very long and could go on for much longer…

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