lovely Sunday….

August 21, 2011

Actually a lovely weekend – all of it! I had a very self indulgent day yesterday with space at home on my own – the art making hasn’t been fun – so I decided to go back to my inspirations – all those files, mags, and boxes of ‘stuff’ that I’ve been saving over the years…. I went through them, sorted stuff out and found things that were inspiring then and are still inspiring now (I saw work by my friend Jodie who died many years ago…) I drew my flowering magnolia – just because…. (I might show that one tomorrow…)

Today I went and visited my dear birthday friend Feebs and we had the most yummy brunch at Earthly Pleasures in Belgrave (in another beautiful building made by the Monsalvat man Jorgensen…) I’ve been looking for reasonably priced wooden spools for years and refreshed my interest just last night looking at various websites. I mentioned to my friend in passing as we were walking into the beautiful wool and antique shop in Sassafras and she suggested I ask in there (twice!) I did and – guess what? – they dragged two dusty old spools from under somwhere and offered them to at an extremely reasonable rate – one of them still had the fragile old wool on it – which you can see I had to try and remove….

One comment

  1. Gulp.

    Double gulp.

    (lucky ducky).

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