Washaway scarf tutorial…

May 25, 2011

The beauty of using ‘Washaway’ or Soluweb is that you can lay down any threads, wool, scraps of fabric and it will hold it all together whilst you sew it…(you can see how the machine stitching holds the finished article together (above)) …. below I have laid down my mixture of yarns on top of one layer of washaway – ready to fold a layer over the top.

The next step is to secure all the yarns  – some pins to start with is a good idea…

Before sewing – set up your machine for machine embroidery – (change the foot and lower the feed dogs) and I did a few rows of plain sewing (as pictured below) before I got into doing some freeform machine embroider over the whole scarf.  I left the ends free to form a fringe….  When you’ve sewn enough to hold your materials together – you just wash the ‘washaway’ away! There’s your scarf!



  1. Brilliant! I’m going to need to see this Work of Art in the flesh…

  2. love it jo

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