hot water bottle cover from jumper sleeve…

April 28, 2011

This was one very ugly jumper made out of very beautiful soft angora (be on the look out at your local opp shop…) it is now a hot water bottle cover for my lucky youngest child… (jealous looks from the older one… who has her own home made cover!)  I was lucky in that this jumper had a very wide sleeve so all I had to do was chop it off and hem the bottom on the sewing machine (you can handstitch it) and the ribbed cuff is a perfect fit around the top of the bottle!

Eldest child’s hot water bottle cover is also made of soft fluffy jumpers – but there was a bit more cutting and sewing involved…. I love how EASY this one was… and thought I’d share…

Please note the little pearls on the jumper in the background… they had to be cut off for comfort’s sake…


One comment

  1. I love this idea. Your are so innovative and it looks fantastic.

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