my childhood home pt.2…

February 7, 2011

Read Tania’s comment on my last post…. it’s so poetic and insightful… Nim and I went and looked at the house and I was excited just to see that the old fence was there, the garden with hidden places I remember, the verandah, the stained glass windows in the front doors (one still bowed…) the keys I would have turned still live in the bedroom doors AND the funny door in the loungeroom that led to a dark, mysterious place to play and hide (read cupboard…)  It was slightly sad, but mainly wonderful to re-visit a very important place in my childhood…



  1. Oh yay for you, chookie. x

  2. I often think about the stories and lives that have been lived in older homes, love the fact that so many things are still there, it looks like the sort of home that every kid wished they’d grown up in.
    When we first moved into our street 20 odd years ago, old Jack across the road would tell me stories of the 30’s and 40’s, when everyone would head out their front doors in the morning, and catch the tram, everyone would chat and knew each other.
    Jack died several years ago, his house is gone and it’s all silent now.

  3. so nice to share these stories…old houses do strike a chord with us don’t they? a lot of the old houses remain in this area and it would be a shame to lose them…

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