my childhood home…

February 5, 2011

the house where I lived most of my childhood is up for sale…. it looks so different from what I remember it…. will I go and have a look?



  1. But just imagine…all it will take is one tiny knot in a wooden floorboard, or how the light falls in the room just so, to bring back a flood of remembrance. A risk, I agree. I’d never be able to resist. But I’d probably have to be there on my own and you can bet your bottom dollar there would be a box of tissues in the car.

  2. I hope you did go and have a look! I’m going back to my childhood home soon, I’m so curious! You had a lovely home btw. I’m doing a project on photos of old homes, check it out http://geneabailey.wordpress.com/project-i-lived-here/ you might want to take part 🙂

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