antique textiles…

January 17, 2011

Dear friend S saved some beautiful pieces of antique lacey textiles from going irreverently to the tip – and kindly gave some of them to me.  After seeing a very fashionable woman I know wearing white lacey ‘pantaloons’ under a summer dress I was inspired to try and mend what was a petticoat and turn it into these pants…. they are very fragile – so this might be the only photo opportunity – but aren’t they lovely?  I would love to know how old they are and the story of where they’ve been…



  1. Jo,

    These pants are beautiful – fun.

  2. A beautiful creation Jo. I love them.

  3. Heh Jo, Wow. I am so pleased you have made something so beautiful out of the lace. I know that the pieces are over 100 years old. Mum originally got the lace in the early 70’s. Her neighbour had died and the son was throwing all the lace out so mum went and got it- as it was very important to the woman and she had earlier told mum it was from the late 1800s -some of the other clothes (skirt and jacket, bodice) are now housed in a shop in castlemaine too. sar x

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