close to posting…

January 11, 2011

This is the front cover of my Sketchbook Project…. I’ve had to focus on it the last couple of days so I can post before the 15th!…. some funny last minute ideas have turned up – like this front cover…. Looking at the other artist’s work is so amazing… very talented and inspiring people out there – all over the world!  (please have a look at the website HERE…)  I feel very humble… and I have enjoyed having the focus – it makes you get stuff done….



  1. the cover looks beautiful Jo! Amazing. I love the behind scenes too, and am intrigued to know more. Maybe I can pop over to see it before you send it off. Makes me a bit nervous knowing i havent even started mine!! Ok so it doesnt have to be in till May but wow- yours and the others i checked out and so beautiful! xx

  2. Congratulations….you must be feeling quite fullfilled right now. Nice typography, you’re not dabbling in potato prints are you?
    Your pages look imaginative and thought provoking. Wishing you a safe flight to USA.

  3. Wow Jo, the cover as the rest of your book, is just amazing. Again, your beautiful drawing on background print creates intrigue combination.
    I had a look in the others artists work, you perfectly fit there. Your work is just as ‘very talented and inspiring’, my dear.
    Love your work, thanks for sharing it with me.

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