hair colour…

October 29, 2010

I may have to start one of those ‘whingeing’ blogs…. Be careful what your hair colour says if you want to cover grey hair….”Optimal grey coverage” does not necessarily mean it will cover grey hair!  (Don’t waste your money!)


  1. Hair adverts would have to be the biggest scams going around, how do these people sleep at night. My particular favorite is where we see 2 work colleagues discussing the merits of the potential job applicant…one younger chap who apparently has the eneregy and vitality, and a graying fellow, who sadly can only bring experience to the job…but wait all future job applicants, now you can have the energy of the young guy, AND the experience of the older man with “A Touch of Gray”. Perfect, but read the instructions because heaven forbid you wont want to overdo it, you might not land the plum job working for these plonkers.

  2. Try nice’n easy Colour Number 118 Natural Medium Brown or if you want a slightly lighter one Colour Number 117 Natural Medium Golden Brown. It works well for me and covers grey.

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