one retreat after another…

September 26, 2010

(Sewjourn stork photo courtesy of HERE – the blog…)

My new saying is – “you can tell a lot about a woman by the company she keeps…”

I feel so privileged to have been invited to accompany the Re-Fash sistas to Sewjourn this weekend.  They are very humble – but what an amazing, talented bunch of creative women!  I was floored!  I brought a ‘bit of knitting’ along – whilst they refashioned jumpers, skirts, made kid’s pants, drew, made jewellery, machine embroidered their socks off…. AND… presented the most delicious array of food and fluid beverages….. A highlight for me was watching the last few minutes of the drawn Grand Final in the Lancefield Pub with a few of the locals!  And spending a little bit of time at the Farmers’ Market, Opp Shop and Lancefield’s excellent bookshop Red Door Books.  Thank you gals for your generous spirits – my little ‘pressies’ and the warmth that wasn’t only generated by the SUN!

PS – I remembered this website – with lots of DIY projects….


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