The Heretic’s Daughter…

September 20, 2010

You’ll be thinking I’m a big fan of the historical novel… but that’s not necessarily the case.  Before I went away I asked some of my well read friends to recommend books – and my criteria was that they be in the ‘lighter, more uplifting’ realm… I am STILL on the reserve list at my local library for The Book Thief (recommended by MANY…)  Whatever happened between and betwixt I’m not sure now – but it seems there aren’t many ‘light’ books I’m attracted to… And I remembered my fascination with the Salem Witch Trials and sought out a novel on the topic…  This one is beautifully written through the eyes of young Sarah whose family becomes tragically involved.  Kathleen Kent, the author, is an ancestor of Martha Carrier who was hung for being a ‘witch’ and that made it all the more poignant.  The famous Tituba was mentioned briefly in one chapter which added much to the ring of authenticity…  The chapters of torture, confinement and eventual death are hard to stomach… but it is horribly fascinating how such events fester from the small seeds of suspicion and difference…

I hope I wasn’t there in a past life – but I sometimes wonder…


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