September 15, 2010

Just now looking at that word ‘retreat’ I realise it isn’t about getting away, running away from something…. re treat means remembering to ‘treat’ yourself… I got to re-frame a couple of things like that whilst I was away at that place pictured above.  It’s amazing how your mind can function and think clearly with a little space and not so many distractions!  All the people I met – staff and visitors were beautiful – very easy to be with when I wanted company.  Everywhere I looked there was beauty – scenery, scented flowers, flowing water and animal friends that visited me every day – the lone magpie, a finch couple and my favourite lizard ‘Elvis’….  The organic food was amazing and makes me look at my diet in a fresh light (for those of you wanting great information on nutrition – check out Delia…)  And don’t underestimate the magic of healing and touch whatever form it takes – they offer everything! (check out the menu HERE)

I will continue my yoga practice (every day?).  I will continue my meditation (every day?).  I will do my best to eat well….



  1. Welcome back 🙂

  2. That sounds fantastic. Tara and I are going to a spa overnight on Sunday – Kevin’s treat. Looking forward to the massage and yoga. Love you, Hxxxx

  3. Beautiful, Jo. I love the idea of retreat as a reminder to treat oneself. I just received a message for my birthday, nice that someone remember to treat me. x

  4. I’m presuming somewhere in Queensland or northern NSW. Looks lovely!!! Calm, quiet, relaxing. Fab!!

  5. Looks amazing Jo. I too got a “treat” gift for my birthday, a 90min face massage, I can’t wait to have it. Sounds like you had a wonderful reflective time. It is wonderful you took the time to do it. xx

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