journal cover…

July 25, 2010

I’ve been working on some ideas and techniques with the help of a book by Kelly Rae Robert’s called Taking Flight… and if you have a look at her inspiring blog you’ll see she’s just returned from an amazing retreat with like minded friends (does that give you any ideas????)…  AND…. I just found out about The Sketchbook Project on Gennine’s website…



  1. this is an intriguing announcement. thank you for bringing that to my attention… are you participating too? 🙂

  2. Thanks Jo for having your finger on the pulse- i’m pretty excited about getting involved. I have a great book at home which is basically excerpts from about 30 artist sketchbooks, and it’s fascinating to look at.
    Sometimes it reminds me of being about 8 years old and taking sneaky peeks at my older sisters diary-dreadful behaviour i know. Now, what topic to choose….hmmmm

  3. Ok I think we have love bombers out there, and what about our crafty cottage weekend last year. looks like we have already started a tradition, but a bit more affirmation, intention stuff would be good too. I think we can do it! Yah.

    Wow Jo, also impressed with the volume on your blog, a little bit a day goes along way..Keep it up you seem very juicy at the moment. Loving your art
    sar xx

  4. I just love your journal cover,it is very inspiring, reading the words on the cover makes me feel peaceful.

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