painting 1984…

July 23, 2010

This is a painting of mine circa 1984…. I thought I’d better take a photo of it for posterity’s sake (I can do realistic…) and now I can re-use the canvas!



  1. Ahhhhh, you are full of surprises, doooon’t paint over it even if it isn’t your thing anymore – No, you must keep it as it is, blank canvasses are everywhere these days, i’m sure fellow bloggers will agree that having survived this long this madamme deserves better.
    Perhaps you’ll stage a retrospective exhibition one day, i’ll contribute with “Yorrick” on loan-circa’80

    i hope this plea reaches you and your gesso in time.

  2. the kids were nagging me about it…now you…. what’s a gal supposed to do?

  3. I am with Derek and the kids. Please don’t paint over it! I love this streaming madame, look how She flows freely…


  4. Yeah me too, I love her, I feel she is walking down a street in paris, and I love the contrast with the googly (very artistic term there) buildings behind….

  5. Glenn and I love it too!! Is it too late? Has this beautiful elegant woman gone?

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