encaustic 2…

July 19, 2010

There’s lots of different ways of applying wax to get different effects (lots to google if you can be bothered…).  I was most interested in getting an impression with a stamp… so here is my experiment.  You can buy proper beeswax to melt from Art Supply shops (but I just melted a candle…) smoothed it out with a palette knife and then pressed in a wooden stamp.  The lighter ones just show the card colour coming through from underneath… but I also tried rubbing some paint on and buffing it to highlight the impression with brown (oil paints apparently work much better…)  Lisa Kairos gives a great tutorial HERE.


  1. you are so creative!

  2. Thank you for the mini tutorial and extended links. i have always liked using “stamps” way back from shaping patterns into potatos and i’m looking forward to giving this a crack, especially with these chinese wooden stamps i picked up somewhere, sometime-somehow.

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