Lassie and the dilemma of kids’ movies…

June 14, 2010

We’re a bit obsessed about Lassie in this house at the moment – Nim’s reading the book, wrote a poem about, and then we watched the 2005 movie version on Friday night… both my children bawled when cruelty was shown to the animals… and it was pretty extreme.  I would like to watch the 1943 version again to see how the standards differed at that time, however, I do remember watching it as a small girl and crying my eyes out.  A discussion with mothers on Saturday night brought up a few movies that might be considered appropriate and fun for all ages – Sound of Music, The Water Horse as examples… I would really like to compile a list here of movies recommended by you – please leave your favourites in the comments section.  There is a list HERE for the 8 – 12 age group (but I reckon there might be a few films there that warrant some ‘discussion’….and rating check…Dr Stranglove?)

PS Oliver – the musical – rated G – you’d think that would be pretty safe…. Oliver Reed’s Sykes is genuinely scarey and when he beats and then murders Nancy…. what’s with that????



  1. Kiki’s Delivery Service, is hard to beat. the hero is a very sweet beautiful courageous girl. By the same director there is also Totoro, which also has two girl protagonists and is a beautiful story. And don’t forget some of the older Disney classics are great for all ages, eg the Aristocats, and the Rescuers to name only two.

  2. Summer Magic
    The Happiest Millionaire
    Parent Trap (original one)
    That Darn Cat

  3. My two girls are now a bit older, but here are some films we have in the cabinet at home-a couple on video.

    1. A little Princess- sounds terribly twee but beautifully shot, and one that stays with you & me too.
    2. I know Tailers all time favourite film is ” The Parent Trap”
    3. The Black Stallion, amazing imagery, has it’s moments.
    4. ET- some tears when Han was very little and is now embarrassed to admit to.
    5. Breaking Away- I loved this film, made me jump on my bike at 6am the next day and ride to Cardinia Dam, very inspirational when i was young and impressionable.
    6. Totoro and Howls Moving Castle plus a few of his other films- not sure the girls enjoyed them to the same degree as i did?

    Most of the Disney and Pixar creations, Shrek, Lion King,Lilo and Stitch etc- all quite watchable but a bit like take-aways- not left with a whole lot when it’s over.

    Rescuers is really good too, and i think they quite like Nanny McPhee, even though they were a bit older.

  4. …but wait there’s more!
    A peek at the list revived a few oldies that i loved but after telling the kids how much they were going to like them, only had them rolling their eyes thinking dad was sadly a little odd. For some reason they refused to watch B/W movies.

    Anyhow, The Court Jester with Danny Kaye surely has to be included, Spirited Away and Mrs Doubtfire would also rate.

  5. Oh a for a very funny slapstick movie, we all loved eric sykes 1967 movie The Plank. Will a look to see what some of his other movies are like, but R and I were in hysterics with this one.
    Re Breaking Away, absolutely loved it when i was young too, but recently saw it and it didn’t quite live up to the memory.
    more recently enjoyed bed time stories and for a great adult adam sandler, you cant beat punch drug love- superb cinematography. Aprently the director loved blake edwards- and inspector clouseau was a big hit in our household. I still recite that silly line about the biting dog!

  6. Oh goodie – responses! I never watched ‘Breaking Away’… must ask P if he has. A Little Princess is one of my all time favourites – only recently watched it with Nim – always makes me cry. Has anyone tried Jerry Lewis movies with their kids? I have my diary from primary school and all my buddies and I loved JL. Baby’s Day Out is one I implore you all to see – good actors being very goofy…

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