old book beauty…

June 9, 2010

My life feels rich with words and books at the moment…. it wasn’t always so… I remember as a kid having ONE big, red storybook with the usual fairytales… and a little later a few of the ‘Katy’ books (which I no longer have…) Last night at a wonderful poetry gathering I was struck by the difference in experience between us – others had poetry books as children they had kept all this time, and remembered well little rhymes that were read to them over and over… however, what I lacked back then, I am making up for now… having just bought the Narnia set and Phillip Pullman’s books for our household… AND these beautiful books above were given to us the other day by Grandma Barb who had these as a child….  Nimue is so inspired by Lassie Come Home that she has written a poem on HER own blog Fig and Ginger…. have a look…(I cried when she read it to me…)


One comment

  1. Those books look beautiful!It is wonderful to have old books, and wonder who has held them, treasured them, stained and marked them. So were these books Pauls or Barbs? And now I am off to check out Nims webpage!!!

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