Five faves…

May 19, 2010

Been reading Meet Me At Mike’s Five Faves for a while …. good to have a go… it is actually a great anti-depressant to notice what’s good around you – so here goes…

1. Women’s Weekly ‘Slow Cooking‘ book – last year there were hardly any slow cooking books around and now my bookshop is full of them!  I took a few minutes the other day to peruse the selection and have got to say that the old faithful – Women’s Weekly has come up with a beauty – not your usual offering from them – this is hardcover – nice pics, etc… I’m getting one!

2. Aesop Camellia Nut Hydrating Cream – around this time of year when you’re in heated houses my skin gets a little sensitive, and this cream feels soothing and lovely and smells a treat too…

3. Jo Sharp Knit Issue 8 – I bought this at the newsagent’s a while ago and just love to flick through and dream about what I’m going to knit next… mmm… the wool blends with cashmere and silk… and the lovely textures… moss and cable stitches…

4. Looking forward to getting my re-fashioned men’s shirt from Twisted Fig

5. Autumn sunshine….



  1. I had a “Slow Cooking” experience on Saturday, Barbecue with sisters, 45 mins to light fire, 25 mins to drink bottle of wine, 20 mins to re-light fire, 15 mins scraping scary hotplate, more wine, an hour battling smoke, helping nephew extract soccerball from coals,- cooking meaty things only 5 mins. -Priceless!
    One little idea you may want to try which was fun is you buy about 3 or 4 Flanelette shirts, then use the quick unpick to take them totally apart, 2 fronts, cuffs, collars, a back and sleeves. Then re sew them in different combinations of your choice. Just make sure they are the same size, tricky otherwise.
    Alas, your Potato Bake does not work retrospectively, i hope it doesn’t go straight to my hips. Enjoy that gorgeous sunshine sunshine.

  2. PS: That “Knit” lady has a somewhat affected look on her face, don’t you think.

  3. Oh I love slow cooking too!! Do you have a crockpot? I have a daggy old orange one which works a treat! It’s the best ever thing for a busy person, I reckon!

    Yes yes yes to Autumn sunshine! Yes!

    And number 6 could be that Potato and Rosemary pizza : because I want one now! Or Potato and Taleggio and Rosemary..? Or Potato and Tomato and Taleggio and Rosemary. I am prone to excess, I fear!

    Thanks for playing along! Your blog is lovely and full of good stuff, isn’t it! Yay for you!

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