No sew skirt for Blythe

April 29, 2010

If the kids are bugging you for doll’s clothes – this is the easiest thing – a no-sew full circle skirt.  If you have some stretch fabric that’s best, so you don’t have any fraying and the skirt is easy to pull on to dolly…. (this can be made for any doll just check the measurements…)

This fabric is square at 16 x 16cm – makes it easy to find your centre.  Then use a compass or if you don’t have one…. just grab a coin to trace around (slightly smaller than dolly’s waist circumference – I used a $1 coin).  Then grab a ruler and measure out the length of the skirt all the way around the smaller circle – I did 6cm in length for this doll.  See all the dots?

Then all you need to do is cut carefully around the circle that you’ve marked and cut out the middle circle for the waist – it should easily pull on to the doll without sitting too baggy once it’s on… so experiment – and have some fun with it….


One comment

  1. ah it looks so easy- if only i could make a skirt for myself based on that method.

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