April 28, 2010

Blythe dolls were originally made in America in the 1970’s. People thought they were scarey looking so nobody bought them. But now Blythe’s have had a big comeback.  A lady named Gina Garan started photographing them and they got popular again. I like them because they are not just your average Barbie doll… some of them are spooky and gothic. They are way cooler than any doll I know.  These 2 are mine and their names are Lilac and Ella.

I got Lilac recently for my birthday.  Some of my friends have got them too. Tonight I made a skirt for Lilac – a full circle skirt. I like that you can get cool and quirky clothes for them.

Photos & story by Nimue – aged 10



  1. Dear Nim, Well done. Great story and pictures. You’ll have lots of fun making more clothes for your dolls. They’re gorgeous!

  2. Wow nim, i was impresed with your skirt and your story. The Blythe dolls do seem to have a lot of personality in those big eyes -kind of kooky so I can see why you like them.

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