what a weekend…

March 28, 2010

Friday night was a treat seeing James Taylor and Carole King in concert…. put your ‘ageist’ prejudices away (like I did)…. these 2 voices have matured like fine wine… and it was a sentimental journey for me listening to those classic songs….  Saturday was spent on my own ‘garden show’ – tidying up and planting a few things like parsley and lettuce.  Sunday – I went off on my own to see the Ron Mueck exhibition.  What a visual record of the human condition – babies are usually so tiny but this baby made me remember how BIG my babies were in my life… all encompassing!  And as you walk through the show the elderly people are so small and vulnerable – like they are getting ready to disappear….

and the drawing show downstairs…”Love, Loss and Intimacy” – I was doing my best not to cry…

My favourite drawing by Vernon Ah Kee and Two Women by Ron Mueck (The Age Review).

One comment

  1. Reading your blog reminds me of how slack i’ve been lately ….This show certainly sounds interesting to say the least. We’ve lived in our street now for 23 years, and the older generation, Jack who had been there since ’38, Robert since ’49, and Rita since ’36…all gone, houses demolished no trace of their existence really. I learned a heap about the area from them and remain thankful for that.

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