stationery junkie…

March 17, 2010

I know there are lots of stationery junkies out there like me…. fess up now… so when I found a new shop called ‘Typo” at DFO Moorabbin the other day I was quite delighted…. it’s definitely a ‘budget’ store – have a look online HERE…. so don’t go looking for high quality paper, pens etc…. BUT these decals (much more expensive elsewhere…) were super cheap – $4.95.  And those big 3D letters you see in all the housey mags are cheap enough that you could write a whole sentence! (whatever that might be….. I know Nim would love to write ‘peace’ everywhere right now – but what would you want your letters to spell out?….)



  1. RUmPLesTILsKiN

  2. ss i was wondering what I would say I was staring aimlessly at the clouds. And i spied the most beautiful puppy face (white and fluffy, of course)so as the lettes are so cheap it would be i saw the clouds go sailing by ..

  3. I saw one of those haiku type poems on the train today (reminds me of your line) something like… Lying on your side, one tear can flow from both eyes…

  4. Mrs! You may well have convinced me to venture into a DFO store. This is no mean feat. (Hope the waft from the oven lived up to expectation. And ’twas my absolute pleasure).

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