2 book inspirations…

March 14, 2010

I am feeling all virtuous today after making Beef Rendang from scratch – I’m talking grating fresh ginger and mixing it with the garlic, lemongrass, chillies, toasted coconut etc… the recipe is from Jill Dupleix’s ‘Old Food’ which was recommended to me by the lovely Sarah….  I’ve also made the Chicken and Thyme Stew and the Chilli Con Carne – all delicious!  If you’re trying to get a copy get the old hard cover copy with the beautiful ‘Kitchen Wisdom’ page which starts off with  “Pod peas, Put flowers back on your table, Lick your fingers….”  (I love it!)  Her latest edition is called “Favourite Food” and unfortunately doesn’t include the beautiful Preface….

And my fiction book at the moment is one also recommended by Sarah – “Ahab’s Wife“.  Whilst not very far in – I am really enjoying the language, the attention to detail and the feminine centred story…



  1. I remember reading Old Food, when I was at home with Remi in his first year. It was a blessing as it gave me inspiration when i really needed it and it has some really quick, tried and true recipees. Our favourites were (and still are) the spanakopita, potato & walnut salad,pancakes with walnuts, yoghurt & honey, the german plum cake and the boil and bake fruit cake. There are many more beautiful recipes …..

  2. Stop it, you’re making my mouth water. You gotta love a proper curry sans Keens curry powder and raisins. I bet it smelled fantastic too. I’m slowly upping the fire factor at home and the girls are warming to it (pardon the pun). Have you ever noticed how the “Pataks” curry paste adverts sound as if they say “Buttocks”- maybe it’s just me.

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