crazy hair day (again)…

March 12, 2010

Angst the night before – what supplies do we have? Red, green, blue hairspray, rubber bands, clips, pegs, balloons, rubber frogs and snakes???  Set the alarm clock an hour earlier…. what ideas do you have Dad? Who won the prize last year hey? It’s the morning and we’re doing the ‘do’s’….. Romy – “I look like a girl!” Quick change to ‘rock star’ look….  Red hair – looks more like a Weasley actually… Nim is going well – we’re up to our 5th palm tree and there are no tears (YES!)…. camera – quick!  your ride is here…. have you got your gold coin????  ….bye….



  1. Awesome, like a living, bubbling Dr Zeus fable. Equally awesome that someone should have red,green and blue hairspray in the cupboard.

  2. They look great- Remi decided he was too cool this year for crazy hair day, but was happy to put lip balm in his hair before his party to make it stand up. Of course, once the oil saturated his hair it just flopped down in a greasy mess. I have promised to buy him some gel!

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