my new favourite place…

February 19, 2010

Twice in the past week I’ve been to The Butterfly Club in South Melbourne (my first time….) ….  S and I were looking for some ‘burlesque’ and found ‘cabaret’ instead a bit closer to home… the act was First Against the Wall (which I see has some more dates in April – go see it…) The press said ‘Karin Muiznieks is a talented, witty, intelligent and clever woman, but a twisted one just the same’ – Theatrepeople.com

And Wednesday night P and I went and saw (my favourite) Mikelangelo (below) teamed up for a Valentine’s Tour with St Clare…

What do I love about this place?  It’s small, intimate, quirky vibe and it’s a lovely small venue for live entertainment this side of the Yarra!


One comment

  1. It’s a great venue isn’t it, especially the little theatre!
    We saw the “Candy tops” there a couple of months ago and it was FABULOUS! Always interesting gigs on the program. Must arrange another visit soon!

    Just finished “true history of the hula hoop” Loved it even if the story lines are a bit higgelty peggelty (is that a true literary term?? I think not) Anyway a fun read. May have to read again as I zoomed through it to find out what happens to all!


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