9 year old girl music…

February 2, 2010

What has got me scouring iTunes and YouTube this morning?  My 9 year old girl went on a trip with another family and a bunch of her girlfriends recently and came home complaining (read ‘hysterical’) about not knowing the songs on the radio the other girls were singing along to… (we have had this conversation once before by the way…) We were having this debate in the car with our family whilst P and I were singing away to Gold 104 (it’s our occasional sentimental guilty pleasure!)…  and whilst I said I understood the peer group being important, we tried to explain our loathing for commercial radio (generally), and why we listen to independent stations…. We should have just stuck with the ‘compassion’ bit…. so here I am looking up ‘Fireflies’ or some such thing for her as she has taken to shutting herself in her room with her radio.  (We do have a friend who won’t let her kids play anything she doesn’t like!… worth considering…. but I do want Nim to develop her own discernment etc…)  Help me out here…. some of you must have experienced this…. I want to hear about it…

PS  I did look up Paris Wells for myself – you might have seen her sing Lonely on RockWiz – just stunning!



  1. It sounds to me like you are handling it quite appropriately..It’s an interesting topic and one that i wouldn’t be too worried about really. I was trying to think what i was listening to at 9, and all i can remember is “Ooh La Paloma Blanca” and “Popcorn” with a bit of James Last, Mahalia Jackson and Elvis gospel songs on Sundays. This was Ma and Pa’s thing and after they had a few drinks they would break out the Rock’n Roll Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry etc. When i got my first “Tranny” i’d fall asleep with tucked under my pillow hoping that Sky Pilot, Ballroom Blitz or Golden Earing would feature. It cost me a fortune in Batteries. Then my older sister started buying records, horrible picture discs, Patrick Fernandez, awful Disco music. She was relentess and obsessed. It always hurt my ears and i’m not sure if it was a cause or a result, but i found Neil Young, Pink Floyd and a bit of Hocus Pocus was more my style. It also matched the Cheesecloth and Eastcoast denim.
    Ma and Pa continued listening to their stuff, and so did sister. We began bagging each others tastes openly, each happy in their own little aural world.

    Later on, the new romantics and English music in general took control, Joy Division, The Clash, Echo and the Bunnymen, Psychadelic Furs and many more and this is the mainstay today, with a whole lot of other stuff from past and present, and it never ceases to amaze me when i put the radio 3GDR (Golden Days Radio) how many songs i seem to know-disturbingly odd.

    So, don’t be alarmed at your daughter wanting to listen to “commercial” stuff- my girls who are a bit older have quite different tastes, on mainstream, the other more off beat. This is also reflected in their personalities, but they are both equally beautiful people. They progressed from Wiggles and the Hamsterdance, if anyone asked what i was listening to back then i too would have quickly been slotted into where i am in life. It says a lot.
    And lets face it, peers are pretty important at this age, she’ll find out whether she actually likes it, or is only gathering information so not to feel left out. Shutting it off would not be my choice, but stick to your guns, more goodness is likely to rub off.

  2. Oh bugger, i had just witten the longest, wittiest response and forgot to push the submit button…..@#&//@#@

    Anyway the guts of it….Expose your children to a wide range of music, including the stuff they will want to sing with and listen to with friends. As long as they are surrounded by music, all kinds, they will develop a discerning ear and their own musical tastes…which we hope is wide and varied. So keep on singing in the car girl….that;s exactly what Nim amd Romy need to see and hear (even if they groan that it is embarassing!!) Two grown up singing the songs they love, you can’t beat that for real music education…..and they wont forget it either!!

  3. I remember when I was young… I used to listen to the alternative/independent stations then one day I realised that they were just as ‘commercial’, they just had a smaller following made up of a slightly different type of person. I like to have the radio on the ‘popular’ stations in the car at times so I know what’s going on in the popular world, and most of the music is catchy and fun. Tori sings along to any song on the radio even when she doesn’t know the words. They also know songs like ‘The Yellow Submarine’, ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’, and ‘F*%^ You S*&$’ which turned out to be an innocuous Wiggles Song that the kids didn’t quite get the words right to. I really want to make sure my kids don’t end up like what seems to be about 70% of the world with ipod things stuck in their ears constantly, missing out on the human interaction around them, shutting out all the natural sounds, more likely to get hit by a car because they can’t hear what’s going on around them, and probably going deaf in the process!

    By the way, Gold 104 is reaaaalllllly daggy!

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