January 27, 2010

The book I’ve just finished is The True History of the Hula Hoop by Judith Lanigan. Check out her website which outlines this remarkable woman’s performing history… and has a clip of the Dying Swan hula hoop act she talks about in the book.  This book was mentioned in The Age recommended reads for the Summer, and I’ve got to admit the quirky subject matter piqued my interest… I loved how she had the two parallel stories going – the contemporary Catherine finding her skills and then gigs around the world’s festivals – (not always easy)…. juxtaposed with Columbina who is travelling and performing with a clown troupe way back in the 1500’s… and the stories start to overlap in interesting ways.  And on Australia Day I felt a little bit proud that a large part of the development of hula hooping happened here – in Australia!


  1. You sure plough through books Bozonovski, this does sound intriguing, love the cover to. Has it made you want to buy some Hoops? Don’t know if you ever saw CircusOz, but there was this Hula lady who was amazing.
    I wonder what quirky title will next capture your eye?
    Hope you’ve had a great holiday-great poem by the way.

  2. I can’t wait to read this one. Do you have a copy of it?
    Thinking about having it when my choice comes up for the next bookclub! We could even do a bit of hula hooping in the lounge room! Great for the waistline

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