mainly going well…

January 13, 2010

My two can come up with incredibly imaginative things when left to their own devices -example above of Nim’s…. one good old hedgehog mix – the idea went from big hedgehog to little hedgehogs to (finally) Persian Mice – the Persian Fairy Floss was inspiration for that!  The two of them also had a great time dressing up in old cut up jumpers that later in the day were speed increasers on the big curly slide…. one of the less positive activites of today was the ‘honey fight’…….. there’s always a downside right?



  1. Delicious… Don’t you love that “Persian” Fairy Floss, i wonder how long they lasted before being gobbled up? Never personally been in a Honey fight, but recall trying to mop up broken jars in my old Safeway days.. ugly work.
    Enjoy them Hedgehogs..

  2. Wow! They look even more beautiful than I imagined! Nim should be proud with her creation.
    Yum little fur mice! Yum, yum, yum!


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