things to do in 2010 – No.1

January 5, 2010

WRITE LETTERS!   To anyone, anytime…. but the thing I was most keen to complete were letters that I’ve written to my children during the first year of their schooling for them to read on their last day of school (I am thinking Year 12)… It’s a bit of a snapshot of who they are, who they play with, what they like to do, but also what I hope for them for the future…. (I have put them in the back of their special baby books, so I hope I remember they are there!)

Image from HERE where there is a big story about letter writing….



  1. I wish i had thought of that, can’t do it retrospectively and isn’t that what’s great about it.
    Letters are and always will be special, maybe even more so in this day and age. Imagine their faces when you reveal them in 10 years time…

  2. What a beautiful idea…..you have inspired me to write to my children. Watch out you might just get a letter too!!!

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