my place and yours – wherever I lay my hat…

December 9, 2009

Wherever I lay my sugar bowl… doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?  I’m a bit precious about a sense of history and things from the past in our family – as there isn’t very much in that respect…Both of my parents fled their native Poland with very little – just the clothes on their backs.  When they met in the Middle East and got married they were given this Persian silver sugar bowl as a wedding present – it was one of the only things they brought with them to Australia…. it’s been with me for a while and I love the sense of connection it gives me when I look at it ….. (and in the end ‘home’ isn’t about things…. and maybe that’s why the heart made it into this picture….)



  1. That is something precious to treasure and a special family story to go with it!

  2. It’s gorgeous isn’t it- a bowl of “Kaase-Nabaat/Shaakh-e Nabaat” to sweeten the life of the newly weds. It could have come from Aladin’s Cave. I always get this sad sense at times when poking through an Op shop or Antique store and see all these things with history and previous lives, abandoned, unloved- but it’s fun imagining the stories behind them

  3. Beautiful sentiments, beautiful treaure, you’re fotunate to have something so precious 😉

  4. That is so fantastic, and so great to have something like that to feel connected, apart from the fact that it is completely stunning!

  5. Wow, not only is it ornate and useful… it’s full of adventure and history. Just gorgeous. Thanks so much. x

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