hot and not this week…

December 4, 2009

I was just thinking today that there is quite often both hot and not to one situation… for example…..

HOT – making my beloved a cake for his birthday, NOT – finding old chips in the oven that I was ‘keeping warm’ about a week ago!

HOT – Nim’s new short haircut and earrings, NOT – the feelings that came up for me about my daughter growing up and making her own choices (and regrets I may have had as a child….)

HOT – all the lovely stuff I find on blogs including today’s find Habit, with it’s lovely photos and poetic lines, NOT – not always having lovely and inspiring images to share… (just old chips…..)



  1. Jo, I love the hot-not chip story, i have found the exact same thing in my oven on occasion but worse – fish fingers!! I had such feelings when i saw Nim’s hair, I always had very short boyish haircuts as a young girl and seeing her made all these memories come back….but unlike her it wasn’t my choice. She seemed very happy and comfortable with her decision, you can be proud of her and her comfortableness in her own skin.

  2. Jo, I thought it was a photo of you taken back then. So much alike. Tell Nim she should be proud she looks so good with her new hairstyle and pierced ears.

  3. Wow what an exquisitely shaped head and neck, Nimue you are a good candidate for a no 1 cut like my friend Jasmine You go girl, I’m proud of you.

    I had a very short hair cut years ago and discovered that the back of my head is very flat, My brother said afterwards that he could have told me that before I had the chop! Ah brothers.

    Aunty Colleen

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