my place and yours – that’s unusual…

December 1, 2009

OK – I really wasn’t going to do this week’s theme…. I couldn’t think of any ‘pretty pictures’ I could take… we have a dodgy pump outside in the drain which makes a lot of noise but doesn’t do anything, a hole in the roof where an old heater came out, kitchen cupboards that don’t go all the way to the floor!  But none of these are particularly attractive or interesting…. This hook in the top of the wall near the ceiling isn’t attractive either – but it interests me to know what you might think it’s for…. we haven’t been able to figure it out…. there are four large metal hooks in our lounge / dining area – 2 up one end and 2 up the other…. were there heavy tapestries suspended once upon a time?…. or a circus family lived here and used to practise at home?…. Any ideas????

(See Meet Me At Mikes for all the other ‘unusual’ stories…..)



  1. There are now any number of visitors “hooked” on trying to solve this puzzle… perhaps that was the intention?

  2. Definitely something heavy whatever it was. Now you will have to find something interesting to hang from them.

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