Perfumery party…

November 28, 2009

We went to a great party last night …. Emma and Rob have a perfumery called Fleurage and they do everything so beautifully….. it’s an amazing set up just off Chapel Street – wonderful food and drink flowing, interesting people to meet and the most divine goodie bag to take home – what a treat!  Check out their website HERE for your own ‘signature’ scent, do a workshop, or make someone’s day with a pressie…

PS  I’ll draw the birdie print giveaway tonight at 9pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time!

Congratulations Helen from NZ – the birdy print will be on it’s way to you on Monday…



  1. Let’s hope there are no little Jean-Baptiste Grenouille running around looking for something to do.
    Very intrigued, i’ll follow my nose

  2. Perfume is a great book! I can’t believe you remembered his name…

  3. Total coincidence… read it 20 years ago, and picked up a copy in a bookstore 2 weeks ago for my second sitting-it is good isn’t it!

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