market run down

November 16, 2009

Oh yeah, it was a BIG weekend…. Friday night was great at Beaumaris – beautiful weather and atmosphere, good company and lots of sales!  People were really positive about my goodies and I even ran into an old college lecturer who was really encouraging….

Sunday morning was fun at Thread Den market – a whole different crowd to check out (but not so many sales…).  The retro shirt people were there again selling original 1969 (“the year man landed on the moon”) still packaged paisley body shirts like the one Romy is wearing below… and I picked up a cute pinnie for Nim (as modelled….) I also managed to do a couple of swaps with people for goods.


The necklaces Leanne makes are so cool I got TWO! (on the left) AND this is the skirt I did a swap on with Jacquie from CottageNerd…..



One comment

  1. I love the kids shirts and pinnie. The skirt is gorgeous too!!! Looking forward to hanging out for TAW.

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