my place and yours – front door

November 15, 2009


What a can of worms this week’s theme opens up… we live in a 70’s merchant builder house, which has this crazy floor plan, different to most houses which have an easily identifiable front door!  This house has 4 doors in different places around the house.  The front door is on the opposite side to the driveway where no sane person would think to go… (so I kind of blocked it off and now use the formerly useless front walk in as my workspace!)  So when I arrive home, park the car in the carport, and walk in our little gateway, here is the door I unlock to see a hidden green oasis that welcomes me home….

And if you didn’t know –  Pip is the culprit for this ‘show and tell’ and Shelley this week’s theme queen….



  1. love the bell next to the gate..i’d love a peek beyond the gate :))

  2. I suppose a front door is really the entrance to your home and for a lot of us the garden is very much a part of our home. Thank you for the twist in the theme!

  3. There will never be doubt again for anyone, as to which way to go…..it looks very inviting. S x

  4. that gate is awesome! i love that sign, ooooo yes, you are one fun person, i can tell! thanks for having me over to your place.

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