my workspace

November 12, 2009


You know the other day I said I wanted to make my workspace NICE and have somewhere to put that nice booty from NoteMaker….?  Well, something about being with supportive, inspiring women this morning made me rush home get scraps of wood out of the shed, then – saw, drill, screw, glue then swear and sweat a bit, and then end up glueing and nailing these 2 shelves into place…. which is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time…

PS – Sonia – see how I get in nice and close with the camera – so that you can’t see the surrounding MESS?  x



  1. oooh i love your scisors/string thing !!
    did you get it at mieke willems ? or somewhere else ?
    i’m a fan i want one too !

  2. That looks sensational, and you did all that after our gathering?!!!! You are truelly inspiring. I love the way the knitting needles shine in the light. S x

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