what’s hot and what’s not…

November 11, 2009

I couldn’t agree with you more Claire – the heat does take some adjustment – heat not hot – as you said!

My HOTS and NOTS – go something like this….

HOT – hard rubbish collection – where Nim managed to find her own desk (finally….) that needed only minor repairs – thanks P… and the next day I found the chair on the nature strip….


HOT – I have already said in a previous post that I discovered NoteMaker – but the parcel arrived today (very quickly) and I’m so pleased with the contents… it inspires me to tidy up my work space and make it look NICE…

HOT – feeling very supported by all the lovely people that stop by to read and leave a comment or not, but tell me in person when I see them.


NOT – I’m pleased to say it’s hard to come up with NOTS at the moment (I am feeling so content and happy) however, if I had to say one it would be my frustration at not being able to do tricky things on the computer that I want to do (like putting my favourite blogs in the sidebar, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages) – it is just a matter of asking for help I know….


One comment

  1. How good to have an almost non-existent not list! That’s definitely hot! xx

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