my place and yours – secret weapon

November 8, 2009

Gotta say a bit of a toughy this week- Secret Weapon…. looked at what other people said…. asked my family (P said ‘my eyes’ – which was very sweet and a good husband thing to say….)  I got very excited last year when I bought my X-Acto Vacuum Mounted Pencil Sharpener – it’s a serious pencil sharpener and it goes with my serious Prismacolour set of pencils…. when I can’t do anything else creative – I get a sense of serenity and calm just sharpening my pencils and looking at the arrangement of colours …. I may not be ready to draw with them, but I just love sharpening them…




  1. Wow, that is a serious pencil sharpener, I think I may have a little pencil sharpener envy now. How nice is a collection of freshly sharpened pencils, I totally get where you’re coming from.

  2. fantastic! I love the smell of the pencil shavings.

  3. i love it – i can totally relate to your calming preparation activity. what a good thing to do. I do love colour pencils and they’re even nicer when they’ve all sharp and ready to go.
    thanks for sharing!
    x sara

  4. love, love, love it! I wish I had a pencil sharpener like that! I think that is going on my Christmas list.

  5. LOVE LOVE the pencil sharpener…i have a pencil sharpening fetish but boy i need to put my order in for one of those. Pencil sharpening is a wonderful Zen experience…..and it says a lot about respecting your tools.xx

  6. Oh Yes I adore your secret weapon, can smell the wood of the pencils shavings from here … fabulous 😉

  7. Don’t the darndest things get us going…woodshavings, sharp pencils (with unbrittle leads). I don’t know about you all, but my first set of 36 Derwents were highly treasured – guarded colorful extensions of our imagination. I had a “Catsbum” sharpener. not so much a secret weapon as your illustrated creation.
    May i just say that The Prismacolours are equally impressive-they are so great to use…start blunting those colours, the sharpening will become an added beneficial side-effect

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