hot and not…

November 4, 2009


A big HOT this week is having an exquisite long weekend away at THIS place – Cathedral Valley Farm….mmmm….(they should have their own website shortly).


The accommodation as you can see is amazing – sleeps 8 people and has a communal lounge area.


Having a dam to dip into on a hot day was cool (and very HOT – if you know what I mean…)


This is my spirited, dam swimming, horseriding daughter who I love and am very proud of ….. however, we definitely had a NOT moment this morning when she was having a huge tantrum about going to school…. (what were you saying Claire about kids?)

PS – Another HOT I forgot….. Ben Quilty at TarraWarra – what a great exhibition for the whole family…


One comment

  1. …What a great escape, and lovely weekend to boot. Frog in the Pond, did you get squishy weird stuff between your toes, freaks me out that. Ben Quilty, very Hot, yes. I love that style, that energy. Not unlike my favourite local artist Nicholas Harding. Would attach a link but don’t know how. If you do look him up, make sure to view the paintings big, or even better live. It’s how paint should be treated, masterly strokes and very rich.
    These guys must have shares in W & N with that reckless application with no margin for error, thanks for sharing.

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