What’s hot and what’s not…

October 30, 2009


I know it’s Friday but I keep wanting to have a go at Loobylu’s weekly What’s hot and not….

HOT – my new pots (above).  Anolon.  Non stick….who would have thunk new pots would make life easier….

HOT – going away with friends for the weekend to here.

HOT – a song I just have to keep playing by Atlas Sounds (featuring Noah Lennox) called Walkabout… (reminds me of the Beach Boys!!!)

NOT – having to clean my house, with a vacuum cleaner that’s not quite right, Lego pieces from here to Christmas and a BIG lack of motivation….

Enjoy your weekend – if it’s a long one or not…

PS – It will be a happy weekend – I just found out I have won a rug voucher courtesy of Buyster Rugs and Red Chocolate’s blog Thank you!



  1. Guess what? You won the rug giveaway over at my blog! Could you pop me an email at redchocolate@ymail.com with your email address so that I can pass it on to Maree at Buyster and she will get in touch with you.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Let me know how it all goes, I hope you get your rug soon!

  2. I finally have a moment to stop by and say hello on last week’s post! I envy your beautiful new pots. I am in desperate need of some good new cookware. Ace. 🙂

  3. A bit of a tip with the Anolon – don’t use very high heat. We had a wok of theirs that didn’t last for that very reason.

    Sorry, you probably knew that and now I have given you some not only unsolicited advice but some unnecessary also.

    • Happy to get any tips! …like I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to use spray oil on non-stick stuff!

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